How we work

As a global, remote company, our teams observe different schedules: some work asynchronously, some work in shifts, and some reunite around a shared timezone. If you would like to learn more about the working hours for a specific role, please refer to the job description or ask your interviewer(s) for more details. Here are a few key components of our culture and what you can expect working with us:


Reading and Writing

As a distributed company, our main means of communication is through writing. We hold the philosophy that writing is thinking, and through the writing process, we not only learn a lot about the business and ideas to continue its growth, we learn a lot about ourselves and how we think about, and approach, important business problems. Every role here, from Customer Support Agent to Sales Representative, to Engineer, to Product Manager is expected to contribute written work.



We work openly to facilitate mutual learning. We acknowledge that sometimes people are afraid to talk in public forums (like public slack channels) because they’re thinking “But what if I hurt someone’s feelings”? We’re generally a low ego place where folks are more interested in the right answer than their own answer. So, rather than gingerly sidestepping possible issues of “stepping on toes” by, for example, sending a private DM, just have the conversation bravely in a public channel, so that we can have these conversations out in the open. You wouldn’t want to lose out on learning or deprive others of it.


A Bias for Action

We move quickly to deliver the best possible experience for our customers. We don’t wait for a problem to become a problem. We constantly look for clues in the work we do, and when we discover a bad clue, we move quickly to execute a solution.



We are a culture built on consistent, real-time feedback. Feedback is the main tool we can leverage to help each other grow. We deliver feedback regularly, utilizing tools like Leapsome for written feedback, grading scales for document quality, and a 1-5 numeric scale for annual performance reviews.



When we talk about company values, it’s not just a word you see written on the wall somewhere. We live and breathe our values every day. They drive everything we do, and they set the standard for what customers should expect from us, what we should expect from each other, and what we should expect from ourselves.

How we hire

We take it seriously

Hiring is one of the most important things our managers do here. Managers dedicate more than half of their time to hiring, and it’s truly a group effort. We involve high performers and managers in all aspects of the hiring process, from interviewing to reviewing and grading case studies, to analyzing candidate feedback.

We hear you

We hear and listen to your feedback. We regularly send out candidate satisfaction surveys, check reviews on our hiring process on public forums, and review direct feedback from candidates. We want to know how we can improve the experience for you, and others, so please give us feedback!

We adjust

We regularly adjust every aspect of the hiring process - case study projects, job descriptions, interview questions, criteria, outreach messages, rejection templates, and more - so you have an excellent experience, and we can ensure we are hiring the best candidate for the job. Learn more about our hiring philosophy here.

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