Combat talent shortages cost-effectively

Combat talent shortages cost-effectively

Finding the right professional to fill shifts because of unexpected vacancies, employee vacations, or hiring freezes can be challenging. Sign up for access to our online marketplace, and start finding fast, easy and cost-effective healthcare talent solutions.

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How does Clipboard work for facilities?

Once you sign up for an account with Clipboard, you only have to log into our online marketplace, post your open shifts, and qualified professionals will pick up those shifts. Want to learn more about it? Watch our video, and then contact us today to sign up!

Why Do Facilities Use Clipboard’s Marketplace?

We’ve simplified and accelerated the process for locating talent and addressing shortages. That means you’ll find the professionals you need quickly and easily, saving your facility precious time and money.

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Why use Clipboard?

A powerful suite of features helps you find qualified professionals at any time

  • Post open shifts directly on our marketplace, to quickly address talent shortages
  • Easily view healthcare professionals seeking shifts
  • Only post shifts on our marketplace when you need to ⁠— tomorrow or months from now
  • Cost-effectively locate and engage qualified healthcare professionals, with no hidden fees

What Our Customers Are Saying...

Keke Richardson
Staffing coordinator at St. Dominic Village
You are the most organized agency I’ve ever worked with and the most professional. It makes my life easier and saves me time.
Anna Lipata
Director of Staffing Development at Redlands Healthcare Center
Most staffing registries are the same but Clipboard makes things easy for me by allowing me to post my shifts online when I need them.

For Professionals

  • Flexibility
  • Best shifts and locations
  • Great rates and no-wait payment
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For Facilities

  • Top talent available now
  • Instantly fill your open shifts
  • No-hassle electronic timecards and sign-off