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Healthcare Talent Solutions

At Clipboard Health, we are actively transforming the healthcare industry by offering a cutting-edge marketplace that streamlines the process of connecting facilities with skilled nursing professionals. Our unique marketplace allows facilities to post shifts and enables nurses to work those shifts easily.

High-Quality Nurses, You Can Trust

Our marketplace prioritizes the quality of nursing professionals and is filled with top-tier nursing professionals. 85.6% of shifts filled in our marketplace this year are by nurses who are continuously receiving four and five-start ratings from our facility partners. Additionally, when nurses receive reviews from facilities that are four or five-star ratings, they are granted preferred status at that facility. Preferred status means these top-rated nurses gain priority access to shifts at the facility before others can see them. Feel confident that high-quality nurses, even rated by other facilities, will be covering shifts at your location.

Fast, Efficient Nurse Replacement in Just Minutes

When a nurse cancels their upcoming shift in our marketplace, we understand the urgency of finding a replacement without burdening your facility. That's why, on average, we can find a nurse replacement in under 6 minutes after a cancellation. Our unique feature automatically connects your last-minute open shift with available nurses. Not only are you saving time and effort, but you are also receiving an industry-leading service that is hard to find in other marketplaces.

Save Money with Our $0 Hiring Fee

While our marketplace primarily connects facilities with nurses for individual shifts, we understand that sometimes you find a nurse who is a perfect fit for your facility on a full-time basis. In such cases, you can hire that nurse without paying any hiring fees to Clipboard Health. This cost-effective solution distinguishes us from traditional staffing agencies that charge high markups for sourcing and placing nursing professionals.

How does Clipboard work for facilities?

Once you sign up for an account with Clipboard, you only have to log into our online marketplace, post your open shifts, and qualified professionals will pick up those shifts. Want to learn more about it? Watch our video, and then contact us today to sign up!

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Join the Clipboard Health transformation today and embrace a new approach that is tailored to meet the unique demands of your facility. Don't settle for less—choose Clipboard Health and get the exceptional nurses you need, now and forever.

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Why Do Healthcare Facilities Use Clipboard Health's Marketplace?

We’ve simplified and accelerated the process for locating healthcare talent and addressing shortages. That means you’ll find the nurses, CNAs, and other healthcare professionals you need quickly and easily, saving your facility precious time and money.

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Why use Clipboard Health?

A powerful suite of features helps you find qualified healthcare professionals at any time

  • Post open shifts directly on our marketplace, to quickly address talent shortages
  • Easily view healthcare professionals seeking shifts
  • Only post shifts on our marketplace when you need to ⁠— tomorrow or months from now
  • Cost-effectively locate and engage qualified healthcare professionals, with no hidden fees

What Our Customers Are Saying...

Keke Richardson
Staffing coordinator at St. Dominic Village
You are the most organized agency I’ve ever worked with and the most professional. It makes my life easier and saves me time.
Anna Lipata
Director of Staffing Development at Redlands Healthcare Center
Most staffing registries are the same but Clipboard makes things easy for me by allowing me to post my shifts online when I need them.