Change the way you work

We connect professionals with open shifts at top facilities. Facilities get the help they need and professionals get the flexibility, freedom, and great rates to live life to the fullest.

Clipboard Health is
Joint Comission Certified

Shift the way you work

We match healthcare workers with open shifts at the best facilities. Hospitals and health care centers get the help they need and caregivers get the flexibility, freedom, and great rates to live life to the fullest.

Clipboard Health is
Joint Comission Certified

How Clipboard works and why you should use it

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Moving the Marketplace Forward

At Clipboard Health, our goal is simple: help independent healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities connect with each other to serve their patients’ important needs.
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Marketplace to Care for Tomorrow

America is aging. More than 1 in 6 people were 65 or older in 2020 and this number is only going to increase in the next few years.
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Q&A on Attendance Score

At Clipboard, we are creating a marketplace that benefits healthcare professionals, facilities and the patients they serve.
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Our Philosophy on Hiring

At Clipboard Health, we take hiring for our corporate team seriously. Our managers dedicate more than half of their time to hiring and our top performers are all actively involved in the hiring process, whether they review the case studies you submit, participate in interviews, or review candidate experiences to make the process better and faster.
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Nursing Shortages and The Train More Nurses Act

The current nursing shortage may seem unprecedented from the perspective of the patients, providers, and healthcare professionals experiencing the shortage firsthand. The pains associated with nursing shortages are certainly felt by healthcare professionals, patients, and facilities alike.
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CEO Wei Deng: Why We Started Clipboard Health

With a life mission to “move as many people up the socioeconomic ladder as possible,” Wei Deng, founder and CEO of Clipboard Health, describes the creation and journey of her unique health care startup to podcaster George Quraishi from Artifact. A self-declared scientist at heart, Wei tells the story of Clipboard Health and its mission to help people.
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High Pay Always Fast.
Their shifts always pay me the most and they pay immediately no one else does this. I’m really happy I'm working with them. They’re great.


I wish more facilities in Oklahoma used clipboard.
I absolutely love clipboards for my agency shifts! They are great about getting issues resolved. I love that I don’t have to wait for forever to be accepted for a shift, I request and it’s mine with no issues. The instant pay is fantastic, I usually get paid before I even walk out of the facility. The clock in/out feature is great to help with verification of your being at the facility. Overall my only complaint is that there is currently only 3 facilities using it in Oklahoma… I wish more facilities would sign up with them and drop the other agencies… I wouldn’t use anything else.


Really good
Whenever you need one important shift covered, or you are looking to broadcast thousands of shifts, clipboard …  is always there to help.

Romanie Brandee

Very simple fast process I started my process on a Tuesday and I was ready to start working on that wedensday . I’m very happy with the process.


Easy to use as a contractor. Gets me the shifts I want and has great customer service for any  questions or concerns I may have. Such an amazing variety in shifts and pay in many locations. Everything is at my fingertips


I have zero issues with this agency. Pick a shift, get confirmation pretty much immediately. Clock in and out on app. Send a photo of your time sheet. Get paid within minutes of your shift. Customer service is even polite and understanding try to accommodate your request. I’ll keep using Clipboard Health and will also keep referring my friends :)


I love clipboard they are a straight to the point company and I believe they are the only ones with the payment right away so soon as you finish your shift the payment is there right away I just love this company


I have been with clipboard for a couple years, I absolutely love being a independent contractor, you make your own schedule, most of the pay rates are good. 

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