Clipboard Health is Providing a Stipend to Workers With COVID-19

November 23, 2022

Clipboard Health is Providing a Stipend to Workers With COVID-19

Clipboard Health has announced a stipend program for all health care professionals we partner with, in the event any come down with COVID-19 (coronavirus) while working with us. To be considered eligible for the stipend program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be able to provide us with a copy of the positive test results with the date you tested positive included
  • You must have worked in one of our COVID positive facilities within two weeks of the positive test result

Please see the official press release below.

Financial Help for Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

San Francisco, California: Clipboard Health announced today that they are providing a stipend for all health care professionals they partner with should they test positive for COVID-19. Starting today, if any of their health care professionals come down with COVID-19, they will provide a two-week stipend to help with recovery. 

“We hope that this takes away one potential stress during these times. To the average person, it can be intimidating to work in healthcare at this time, especially when working with COVID-19 patients. Fortunately, the health care professionals we partner with to continue to provide the best care, so we want to be there to support them when they need it. We want them to know we’re in their corner,” says CEO, Wei Deng.

Effective immediately, Clipboard Health will pay a stipend of 80% of the average income a health care professional made over the last eight weeks with Clipboard Health, equivalent to 80% of two weeks' pay in one lump payment. For example, if a health care professional with Clipboard Health who tests positive for COVID-19 earned $1,000 average weekly with us (over the last eight weeks), they would receive a single payment of $1,600 (80% of $2,000) while they recover.

The company’s intent is to make sure that the health care professionals on the front lines of fighting this virus are taken care of financially, to some degree, if they happen to contract the virus themselves. This can be a huge worry to professionals as they debate whether to go to work during the time they might be needed the most. 

About Clipboard Health: Clipboard Health is revolutionizing healthcare staffing by paving the way in reliability, affordability, and ease of use for both facilities and healthcare professionals. Their robust tech platform makes the lives easier for healthcare professionals, the facilities, and ultimately, patients alike. They offer per diem healthcare professionals to facilities nationwide. 

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Please reach out to Cassie Damascus, Clipboard's PR representative, if you have any questions. She can be reached via email (

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